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As a safe space, we have a few expectations of everyone that comes to our events:

No discrimination

We are inclusive and affirming. We expect that everyone will be respectful of other attendees, no matter their race, gender, sexuality, age, national origin, disability or any other factor.

Be respectful

Be mindful of people's personal space, don't make intrusive advances, use slurs, or ask invasive questions. 

Help to keep the space clean and tidy

Don't make a mess, clean up after yourself.

Respect privacy

If people share personal stories about themselves in the group, don't share it with others outside the group unless you have permission.

Respect diversity of opinions

From how we interpret the Bible, to our views on monogamy, dating, or politics, we're a diverse bunch. Respect everyone's views, try your best to learn, and don't judge.

No disruptions

This is an environment of love and respect where LGBTQ+ people can practice and explore their faith and sexuality/gender identity and how they intersect. If you try to disrupt an event you'll need to leave.

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