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What happens at an event?

Every event is different, and so for specific information about what's happening on a particular event you'll see more on the event page. However, most events follow a similar format:

Doors open about half an hour before the start time, so you can grab a drink and some snacks, meet the people attending and get settled in.

We open and close the event with a short prayer to centre us and remind us that we are here together as people of faith. Don't worry, you won't be asked to say or do anything you don't feel comfortable with.

We'll generally have a short introduction, and then hear from one or two people who will speak to us about their story or a relevant topic, followed by time for us to discuss as a group what we thought and to ask questions. Sometimes people may share a piece of music or an expression of art that resonated with them.

Events usually last for about an hour and then we enjoy more drinks and snacks together and good conversation until everyone heads home.

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